You know he was like “Oh em gee!!” 

Will the server answer my question? I think not.

You all know you do this :P 

Do you know what annoys me? When someone makes fun at one of my friends. You know what annoys me even more? When someone degrades someone. You know whats worse? When they put the two together. You can talk about me all you want, but don’t mess with my friends, I have little enough as it is. Why would you do what you did? Did you think it was funny? Was it meant to be a joke? Lets see how you like it if someone takes a picture of you with your pants below your waistline… oh wait, it’s there on purpose right? If you think that we aren’t going to stand up for our friend then there something seriously wrong with you. If your friends won’t do it for you, I can understand why. But us? You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Thats all I have to say… 

I was reliving a Pokemon battle through a video on Youtube one day when the opposing trainer sent out a Magikarp who only knew the attack Splash and I found myself wondering; What was the purpose of this Pokemon?

Ok, sure it evolves into a raging sea serpent, with a constantly open mouth and those anger stricken eyes at level 30. But lets face it; Catching a Magikarp was pretty useless… The only way to get one of these things to level was to hook it up to an EXP Share, or just have it tackle it’s way to level 30, which would probably cost you about 1,000,000 losses and even more of whatever the game’s currency happens to be. 

As this Magikarp got itself pummeled, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself; Why can’t the player take their Magikarp to convenience store, known only ominously as “Mart” and sell their Magikarp, having it cut up into pieces and feed it to their Pokemon? I consulted an associate of mine about this and her reply was simple; “Pokemon is a children’s game… Even though the purpose is to have young children join gangs and fight others with wild animals and use ‘potions’ to make them stronger… oh and you get an ass load of money if you win… completely children friendly.” 

So in other words, the purpose of this game is extortion, am I incorrect? In other words, the game adheres to the conventional methods of the Japanese Steve-Irwin Otaku; capturing pocket monsters in their small balls which become bigger when seeing a wild creature, and also by pressing the sensitive point known as the button, they have two-toned balls which can only represent their true colors. After these wild creatues are captured, somehow they become surprisingly tame, and they fight other creatures, and their owners, promoting things such as cock and dogfighting should be left to Mr.Vick, when the battle sequence has subsided, the player is rewarded with a variable sum of cash… So in other words, this game is the typical Japanese kid’s day, if japan wasn’t so technologically advanced and had to rely on the power of strange animals, good job Nintendo!!

So there are some people, out there who are just so annoying. Every second of every day, must you follow me around in the hallways asking me “Where are you going?”, Or just randomly stopping me trying to talk to me. First off, its none of your business where i’m going, we’re in school, where the hell you think i’m going? Second, if you want to talk to me, walk and talk, don’t stop me and make ME late just to listen to your menial problems of “oh I forgot my book” or “oh I didn’t do my homework.” Go get your book, go get your homework, instead of standing around and bwording to me about it. 

But then again there are those people who significantly enhance your experience in your day to day life. Those few close friends we have that we can always talk to, always turn to for advice, and who never let us down. Those people, are people who deserve medals, awards. Those people who constantly give, and ask for nothing in return. Those people who put the needs of others before themselves without a second thought. It’s those people, that make the world go around, and who make give new light to the phrase, living to see another day… 


So i’m not quite sure how my tumblr will work out yet, but I suppose every great blog starts from nothing but people with interesting brains, so I feel as if my tumblr needs a goal of some sort… to become the best? Not happening…Hmm maybe i’ll give advice, people tell me I give good advice… Alrighty then, we’ll see how that works, though I will need followers to give advice to ^^